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New York Blues Society

The New York Blues Society is a non-profit organization formed last year to nurture the blues, to build the audience for the blues, and to bring the blues to as many diverse venues as possible. If you like the blues, or if you want to know more about the blues, check out the NYBS website. 

Harmonica Links

Just in case you thought that blues harp players were too busy hyperventilating to get on the web, visit the Harmonica Links page. It contains links to everything you would and wouldn't want to know about the harmonica, including mail order houses that sell harps and related equipment, and sites of many performers.

The Blue Highway

There are many, many blues links out there--instead of trying to list them all (and checking to make sure the links are all current), I'm simply listing Blue Highway. It covers just about everything about the blues. And much like the 'six degrees of separation' and the 'Kevin Bacon' game, every other blues site on the web is only a few clicks away!


Plus the typical courtesy links to our indexes: 

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