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After a lot of fits and starts, we have finally mixed and mastered the upcoming Kid Java CD "Don't Wanna Go" (although I probably should have called it "Procrastination"). We'll be out playing the songs live soon, so stay tuned. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of music does Kid Java play?
We play "Blue Note Americana", ie., music that is deeply indebted to the blues, but we mix it up with other rootsy genres and often with a contemporary feel. Sometimes we'll play a down-home traditional blues, other times more swing-oriented material, and then there is the New Orleans second-line or funk tune thrown in to keep things lively.

What does Kid Java sound like?
Check out some Kid Java tunes in .mp3 format.

Who's in the band?
Kid Java is:
Joe Lee Henderson - Guitar & Vocals
Scott Hamilton - Drums & Vocals
Drew DiCamillo - Bass & Vocals
Bill Ferns a/k/a Kid Java - Harmonica & Vocals

Kid Java Bookings: 212.568.6230

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