Welcome to the Kid Java Site!

I've put together a new version of Kid Java, called "Kid Java's Rent Party." It's a small band (harp, piano, and drums), but we have a big sound! We'll be posting some .mp3s of our new tunes soon!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of music does Kid Java's Rent Party play?

We are a New York City based band that plays in the 'small band, big sound' urban roots music of rent parties. We tend towards swing-oriented material, but sometimes we'll throw in a New Orleans second-line, or a funk tune, or a down-home traditional blues to keep things lively. Even though the band is small,  Doc Treibitz and Hambone Hamilton lay down a powerful groove for every song, leading to the Rent Party motto:

"Never have so few swung so hard for so many!"

What does Kid Java's Rent Party sound like?
Check out some Kid Java tunes in .mp3 format.

Who is in the band?
Kid Java's Rent Party is:
Bill Ferns a/k/a Kid Java - Harmonica & Vocals
Scott "The Doctor" Treibitz - Keyboards & Vocals
Scott "Hambone" Hamilton - Drums & Vocals

Kid Java Bookings: 212.568.6230

Kid Java: Copyright 2000 Bill Ferns. All rights reserved.
Revised: January 8, 2008.



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